Wednesday 22 November 2017

Lie With Me - Sabine Durrant || Review

"I suppose what I am saying is, how much do we collude in our own destruction? How much of this nightmare is on me?

You can hate and rail.
You can kick out in protest.

You can do foolish and desperate things, but maybe sometimes you just have to hold up a hand and take the blame."

Impossible to put down.

From the author of Under Your Skin and Remember Me This Way, Sabine Durrant. The dazzling new must-read for all fans of The Girl on the Train, Gone Girl, and The Widow.

This book was one i constantly looked at on kindle and could never decide whether to buy it or not, so fate was when i found it for 50p in the charity shop (cheaper than the kindle price) it made my decision clear it was time to read this.

Lie with me is the most vague book i have ever read, i couldn't find much on the narrative, much of a synopsis and reviews were spoiler free which added to the element of enjoyment, i literally had no clue what it was about. I dived right in and it took me by surprise. It was another slow burner of a read and it never once felt dramatic but there was something about it that kept me coming back for me.

The characters felt unreliable and most were unlikable, and most were pretentious and certainly were abiding by some stereotypes. Yet the fates of them were unexpected. It follows the traditional thriller style and starts at the end before bringing the narrative back to the beginning as we follow the story to the climax.

I am keeping this vague because i really truly believe that is the best way to read this book, no prior knowledge - i spend alot of time deciding whether i would like a book or not, so to just pick one up and read it was a wonderful experience.


Sabine Durrant lives in London, England, with her three children.

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