Tuesday 9 October 2018

The Ex-Wife - Jess Ryder // Netgalley Review

You’ve got everything she wants …
Newly married Natasha has the perfect house, a loving husband and a beautiful little girl called Emily. She’d have it all if it wasn’t for Jen, her husband’s ex-wife who just won’t leave them alone …
Then Natasha returns home one day to find her husband and Emily gone without trace. Desperate to get her daughter back, Natasha will do anything even if it means accepting an offer of help from Jen. But can she trust her? And do either of them really know the man they married?
If you loved The Girl on the Train, Gone Girl or The Couple Next Door then this dark, twisting psychological thriller from Amazon chart bestseller Jess Ryder is guaranteed to have you gripped.


More and more recently i have been going into books blind with no real clue what they are about, what the synopsis says or why i even picked them in the first place and this was one of those. I couldnt really remember i just picked a book about 4 pages back on my kindle.

Natasha has what seems like the perfect life, a big perfect house, a loving husband, a beautiful litle girl and no real need to work. She is a real lady of lesuire. Theres only one small niggle in the whole scenerio and thats Jen. The Ex-Wife who is always there, shes at every family occasion, and very much acting the role of wife not ex. Natasha has really had enough, but is trying to be the better person, however hard it seems.

However, not all is as seems and when one day Natasha goes to get Emily from nursery to find she never actually arrived and her husband and Emily have vanished. What on earth can she actually do?! So when Jen actually offers to help, can she be trusted?!

The Ex-Wife is a gripping tale of revange at its finest. Told through various characters and different time frames (then/now ect ect) to flesh out the story and let us know what happened, what led to the situations we are greeted with.

 Natasha is a fierce and strong woman who is with the love her life, her little girl and living a life she never planned for, but she can adapt to it. She never dreamt of all the money, desginer things - she came from a simple life, and thats all she wants. When hers is falling apart she will do anything to fix it and get what she wants.

Jen has always been part of the Warrington family, for most of her life, it was always a given she would marry into the family so when after years together Nick gets a young girl pregnant and Jen just leves quietly its all very odd. Especially as Jen is still always around. Does she still want Nick? Why didnt she fight? Why does she now want to help Natasha?

The Ex-Wife kept me up all hours trying to establish what happened, what had gone on and who on earth where all these characters? this was a great read with unexpected turns and twists to keep the reader on their toes until the very end. I loved the way the story was pieced together from the different perspectives as the reader is then foreced to work out what happened and who these people are before we arrive at the conclusion.

Fantastic. Would reccomend.

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