Monday 12 August 2019

The Guilty Mother - Diane Jeffrey || Blog Tour

 Melissa Slade had it all: beauty, money, a successful husband and beautiful twin babies. But, in the blink of an eye, her perfect life became a nightmare – when she found herself on trial for the murder of her little girls. 

 Jonathan Hunt covered the original Slade Babies' case for the local newspaper. Now that new evidence has come to light, Jon's boss wants him back on the story to uncover the truth. With Melissa's appeal date looming, time is running out. And, as Jon gets drawn deeper into a case he’d wanted to forget, he starts to question Melissa's guilt. Is Melissa manipulating Jon or telling him the truth? Is she a murderer, or the victim of a miscarriage of justice? And if Melissa Slade is innocent, what really happened to Ellie and Amber Slade?

Diane Jeffrey is one of my fave and one of the loveliest authors i have come across so when i saw the opportunity to read this and be part of the blog tour i was beyond excited.

It seems like Melissa Slade had it all, a good career a loving family and then an unexpected arrival of 2 little twin girls. Her world comes crashing down when she finds herself on trial for the murder of them both. Fast forward to the present day and Melissa is appealing the conviction and Jonathon Hunt is tasked with covering the news for the local paper, a job he doesn't really want to do as it hits a bit too close to home.

As we follow Melissas Appeal process, we visit the past and the present day, we look at all those around and present the day of the deaths of the twins, we consider the information we are given and we follow Jonathon as he takes time to consider the information he is given.

The Guilty Mother on face value appears to be very clear cut and we are here to just gain an understanding, but it isnt like that at all, oh boy it is so much more than that. It is twisty, turny and such a deep narrative that interweaves all the characters. I was so gripped & didnt see it all coming. I was fan bloody tastic, it felt like each character was reacting to another character and they were all so deep rooted together.

I adored how this book was written, it was so gripping and thrilling. I would 100% recommenced it.

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