Thursday 1 October 2020

How We Got To Today - Ben Ellis || Blog Tour


How can you find love, when you've lost sight of yourself?

Sheridan doesn't know what he looks like. There's nothing wrong with his vision, it's just that he's the only person in the world who can't see his own face.

Despite this, he has it all going for him - a good job as an optometrist, a nice home, and a wonderful girlfriend. All until Heidi, totally out of the blue, dumps him.

And to make matters worse, not only has she broken his heart, but she's disappeared. Distraught, Sheridan begins to search for her, and ends up finding himself along the way. . .

This is a story about how sometimes it's the people closest to us that see us the best and, if we lose sight of ourselves, can tell us who we really are.

I was gifted my copy for the blog tour.
I found this such a unique concept of a book, Sheridan can't see himself, he otherwise has perfect vision but the minute he looks at his face - it blurs. Yet it isnt that bad, he has a good job, a lovely girfriend and a nice home but then she dumps him, and Sheridan is thrown into turmoil. Especially since she has just vanished in to thin air and he cant get closure.

Sheridan then spends the year trying to find her and himself, but he reaches a point where his quest to see his face is causing more problems than not, then we start to see Heidi and what happened to her as the book continues to countdown to "today"

Sheridan is funny, slightly awkward and doesnt often fit in to his surroundings but i felt for him, you want to help him - you want him to have a good life and let go of his worries. I found the way it was told great, a countdown over the months before and a narrative from Sheridan and how he was feeling made his turmoil clear.

Overall this was a great read that i really enjoyed, and i really liked getting to discover Sheridan and the deeper message of discovering ones self and how those closest to us, see us.

Thankyou also to the tour organisers for been understanding in my late post.

Ben Ellis is from Worthing, UK and writes in his spare time.

'IN A RIGHT STATE' is his debut novel.
'BROKEN BRANCHES' is his second novel.
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