Sunday 12 September 2021

Call Me Mummy - Tina Baker || Netgalley Review


Glamorous, beautiful Mummy has everything a woman could want... except for a daughter of her very own. So when she sees Kim—heavily pregnant, glued to her phone and ignoring her eldest child in a busy shop—she does what anyone would do. She takes her. But little foul-mouthed Tonya is not the daughter that Mummy was hoping for.

Meanwhile Kim is demonised by the media as a 'scummy mummy', who deserved to lose Tonya and ought to have her other children taken too. Haunted by memories of her own childhood and refusing to play by the media's rules, she begins to spiral, turning on those who love her.

Though they are worlds apart, Mummy and Kim have more in common than they could possibly imagine. But it is five-year-old Tonya who is caught in the middle...

*Gifted from netgalley in exchange for an honest review*

Do you ever read something and think what on earth have i just read? Because, yeah i did with this and that is in no way a bad thing! It just blew my mind and left me exhausted by the end of it having thrown all my emotions through a washing machine with an extra spin cycle. 

Mummy has everything anyone could want, she is glamourous but all she really wants is a child so when she is out shopping and she sees a heavily pregnant mother ignoring the child she already has the solution is simple, she takes her. However Tonya is not the daughter she wanted, she is rude, foul mouthed and disobedient, but Mummy believes she can change her, after all these things are sent to try her right?

Meanwhile Kim who is Tonyas mother is victimiesd in the media, shes pregnant, she smokes occasionaly she had a drink in the pub the day Tonya went missing. However the media keep pressing on and on and theres only so much she can take before she feels herself spiralling.

This book is a journey, its dark and has some really heavy and certainly horrific moments but it was so compelling. I was so invested in Tonya and what was happening, now non of the characters were really that likeable but that didn't mean i wasnt invested i just wasn't a fan of them. I think they were written so cleverly and had such strong personalities. 

Overall this was a great thriller but boy prepare yourself for this one, it isnt pleasant, its dark and disturbing but it is so worth a read.

Tina Baker, the daughter of a window cleaner and fairground traveller, worked as a journalist and broadcaster for thirty years and is probably best known as a television critic for the BBC and GMTV. After so many hours watching soaps gave her a widescreen bum, she got off it and won Celebrity Fit Club. She now avoids writing-induced DVT by working as a Fitness Instructor.
Call Me Mummy is Tina's first novel, inspired by her own unsuccessful attempts to become a mother. Despite the grief of that, she's not stolen a child - so far. But she does rescue cats, whether they want to be rescued or not.

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