Friday 31 December 2021

2021 Wrapup & 2022 Goals


So, i haven't been around these parts much lately I'm aware but i have managed to read a little and plan ahead for 2022 so i thought i would do a blog post for that in plans of returning to a more regular schedule next year. I wish you all the best!


1. I read 45 books this year, i had planned for 52 which is one a week but life has been busy and ive spent alot of time in hospitals and sometimes your brain can't focus.
2. My standout book has been All The Lonely People by Mike Gayle i read it on one stint in hospital and it just took me away, its beautiful and heartbreaking and emotional and i think everyone should read it.
3. Ive collected alot of books this year, especially hardbacks as i have totally deserved the treats this year but i maybe should read them.


1.I am setting another goal of 52 books so one a week but ive got into a routine now with reading so im hoping this is achievable. 
2. I would like to get my netgalley ratio up a bit, maybe around 65% would be a start, its so low and im so guilty of requesting books when i need to read others.
3. Read for pleasure, i have so many books that i got this year and i just havent picked up so my plan is that, i mean you can see some of the fab choices in the pic!
4. Post regular, i miss blogging and the joys it brings so im aiming for one post a week to start with and hopefully i can get back into a routine.

& on a personal goals note
I would like to restart running, maybe once or twice a week or do some home workouts. 
Eat better, ive got 3.5 stone too loose and im finally in the mindset to do it, im going to try some calorie counting so i can still indulge in my biscuits though!

Wishing you all the best for 2022, A huge thankyou to publishers, blog tour organizers and my lovely twitter friends for your understanding when ive let people down but the chances and opportunities i have had have been great. I cant wait to work with you all next year.

So what are your goals?!

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