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Love Letters on Hazel Lane - Jennifer Page || Blog Tour Review


Scrabble fan Jo always seems to pick the wrong guys. Now she’s moved to the Yorkshire village of Hebbleswick, and decided to give dating one last chance. This time, there’s a catch: she will only date men whose names would score highly in her beloved word game.
 After Tarquin (16 points) proves just as disappointing as the rest, she meets low-scoring local doctor Ras (3 points). Her rules mean she can’t date him – but when he asks her to organise a Scrabble festival with him, she can’t say no. 
As the event draws nearer and Jo and Ras grow closer, will Jo ignore her rule and let true love blossom over the triple letter scores?

I was gifted my copy for the blog tour

I am a huge fan of Jennifer Page, her writing just warms my soul, theres something about that is really feel good and comforting. It ticks all the boxes for me so to be able to read this was a delight and it was just another hit. 

So we meet Scrabble fan Jo who has not long moved to Hebbleswick after a disastrous marriage, and is now ready to set out in the world of dating once again. Seen as the typical ways were not working for her she decides to only date those whos names would score high in Scrabble. So when she meets a man who pushes her out of her comfort zone but his name is low scoring, its not really a problem when she doesnt hear from him anymore.

So when the very same man a doctor called Ras asks for her help in organizing a Scrabble festival, there is no reason to say no. There friends and nothing more after all. Yet the pair seem to have something simmering underneath.

I honestly loved this like i stated in the intro of the review, Jennifer creates characters that have such personality that you feel like you know them, settings that you can picture. With gentle nods to her previous book as well - you are left with a real sense of community. I cant wait for more from Jennifer.

Jennifer Page wrote her first novel – a book about ponies – when she was eight. These days she prefers to write romance. When she isn't writing, Jennifer can usually be found playing board games which are the inspiration for her first novel. She has worked as a television producer, a music teacher and has even run a children's opera company. She now lives near Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire with her husband and his large collection of games.

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