Wednesday 3 June 2015

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When Sarah Peterson accepts her Auntie Kay’s unexpected offer to take over her florist’s shop, she’s prepared for a change of job, home and lifestyle. What she isn’t prepared for is the discovery of a scarily accurate clairvoyant reading that’s been missing for twelve years. All her predictions have come true, except one: she’s about to meet the man of her dreams. Oh, and his name is Steven.

Suddenly Stevens are everywhere. Could it be the window cleaner, the rep, the manager of the coffee shop, or any of the men she’s met online?

On top of that, she finds herself quite attracted to a handsome web designer, but his name isn't even Steven...

During this unusual search, will Sarah find her destiny?

Sarah is nearly 30 and she's hoping this year, is the year Jason is going to propose. However by the time her 30th rolls round and nothing has changed, when she arrives home on her birthday to no acknowledgments she calls it time, and just like that - a few friendly drinks and their relationship is over.

Sarah heads home to lick her wounds and seeks shelter with Auntie Kay, for years Auntie Kay has been trying to  convince Sarah to come home and run the florist. When Kay is given the chance to travel the world she hands over the shop to Sarah and Kay begins to focus on her new life. So Sarah sets about packing her belongings up and she discovers a tape, a tape she thought she lost when she was 18 - The tape is from a reading that at the time Sarah was too drunk too remember. When it reveals her true love will be called Steven, Sarah becomes surrounded by them, but even more so - obsessed with finding them.

Kay has other plans though, she has thrown a handsome spanner in the works named Nick. Problem? He isn't called Steven. As her obsession grows Sarah takes a dive into the world online dating seeking out only Stevens, after a few failed attempts, things do not look so promsing, and Nick seems more appealing than ever.

So, Sarah has to pick between her head and her heart?

This book has a narrative that flows and keeps the reader intrigued, you feel for the characters in a way that they feel like your family and your there beside there with them. Fantastic Debut


Jessica lives on the stunning North Yorkshire Coast in England which provides the inspiration for the setting of her debut books. She works in Human Resources by day and writes by night. Being a mum, Brown Owl and bootcamper fill the rest of her waking hours

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  1. Thank you so much for a lovely book review. I'm so glad you enjoyed reading Searching for Steven. I've had a lovely launch day and it's been completed with a huge smile by this review. Thank you.
    Jessica xx

  2. Sounds like a very interesting book!


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