Friday 3 May 2019

OWLSreadathon2019 Wrap Up. Did I Pass?

So, my first ever readathon is over. I originally wrote a TBR list just before the start of the month that can be found here. My plan was to clear some of my TBR pile down and get some netgalley books finally reviewed. I had planned on studying to be a Muggle Studies teacher at hogwarts and needed 7 OWLS. So, after the jump is how i did..

To achieve my goal, i had to complete 7 OWLS, 1 in the subject i would like to teach, 1 in defence against the dark arts and 5 in any other subject.

1. The subject i would like to teach - Muggle Studies.
A contempoary read, i had planned to read We Were Liars by E.Lockheart, but i never got around to it, i was going to switch it out for Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine but nor did i get chance to read that. So this subect was a big fat fail. 
2. Defence Against The Dark Arts - Reducto, Starts with R. 
I went for Redemption by Candice Fox review here This was a netgalley read and whilst it was a sequel which i didnt know when i requested it, i was glad to read this,and i really enjoyed it. I would like to read the first one at some point. This subject was passed.

3. Transfiguration - A book with a red cover.
I orginally planned for reading Paper Ghosts, but turns out i read this and just never reviewed it or marked it as read on goodreads, so a bit of quick thinking and i opted for Snap - Belinda Bauer review here. This was also great, i really really enjoyed this and this was probably one of the quickest reads. So, i passed this.

4. Charms - An adult work. 
I mainly read adult books regardless so i went for some sizzling adult types and i had planned to read No Strings by Cara Lockwood, but when i had chance to review The Bad Sister by Rachael Stewart, i soon switched it round. I loved it! I have a full review coming shortly. Another Passed

5. Herbology - A plant/flower on the front
I had planned for this one to read Love Me, Love Me Not, this was another case of reading something and never reviewing it nor marking as read. So, after lots of searching i managed to find The Flower Girls to read instead, this was another netgalley read so it helped to start clearing that down a bit. Again, a full review is coming. I passed this too. 

6. Ancient Runes - A Retelling. 
For this i opted for Enchantee, i never got chance to finish this, i started it but only got about 3% in before the readathon ended, i was looking forward to this as it was out of my comfort zone in terms of reading. So, i failed this.

7. Potions - A Sequel.
For this i used Carol Wyer - The Dare, this was the first read of the readathon and wow was it fab. It really got me in the reading mood, and i just adored it. I wrote a full review here. So i passed this.

I managed to read 5/7 books for the readathon so achieved 5 OWLS.
I also read a couple of reads this month for pleasure, and for a book tour. So i had a pretty productive reading month.

Did you attempt this? How did you get on? 

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  1. This readathon sounds so cute! I can't believe I didn't know about this! Also, hello fellow Hufflepuff *waves*


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