Saturday 4 May 2019

The Bad Sister - Rachael Stewart ||

On the face of it, Carrie has it all, but inside she is empty. 

That is until she’s forced to ask old flame Dan for help—the boy whose heart she had to break. She still wants him, anyway she can, and he wants her. But he hasn’t forgiven her, far from it …

 Can Carrie turn his hatred back into love, or will their twisted past stand forever in their way?


Oh my gosh, where to start with this? So lets not beat around this, its a 5* read. I previously read Mr One Night Stand by Rachael, and got to know her on twitter so when i got chance to review this, i jumped at this. What i didnt expect was to love this as much as i did, i mean i knew i would but well, i was nearly late back off my lunch break because of this!

Carrie has headed off to find her fame and fourtune after a fun year with Dan, casting their fling aside and focusing on herself (or so it seems to those around her). When Carrie begs her twin Isla to switch places so she can focus on herself (and her sisters failing business) She doesnt expect what comes her way.
After 10 years apart, Carrie & Dan are reunited, whilst she doesnt expect the warmest of welcomes, she certainly isnt prepared for the hate that radiates out from Dan. However, it isnt just hate - there is something so much stronger there and it is pulling them back together. Whilst it seems Carrie has her dream, Dan is trying to convince himself he got over her long ago.

Having to spend alot of time together as Carrie really needs Dans help to sort Islas dream business - can the pair overcome their issues? The Bad Sister is a sizzling, dramatic read. What i didnt expect was well fleshed out characters, with feelings, love and a plot that drew me in. I knew the tension between them would be smoking hot, but i felt this was so much more.

The Bad Sister is #2 and a companion to The Good Sister, which i haven't read but i would be really interested to hear the other side of the narrative. I loved the way it was written with real passion.
I really urge you to pick a copy which you can from the link below!
*Gifted for a review* 

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