Tuesday 27 October 2015

♥ Q&A #bookoturexmas Holly Martin ♥

Holly emerged onto the Chick Lit scene by winning the Belinda Jones Travel Club short story competition – and has not looked back since.
Her adult fiction debut, The Guestbook, hit number 5 in the Amazon chart and she has now written three books with Bookouture: Fairytale Beginnings, Christmas at Lilac Cottage and Snowflakes at Silver Cove.

1. I bet writing about Xmas is magical, are you a big Xmas fan?
I absolutely love Christmas, its definitely my most favourite time of the year, its easy to write about it when its such a gorgeous season with snow and log fires and decorations, I think I could write about Christmas all year round
2. Do you have any Xmas traditions?
Me and my parents always play games on Christmas day, which we never do any other time of the year and it always a lot of fun. We also always give each other giant toblerones and go to extraordinary lengths to disguise the distinctive triangle boxes
3. What inspired the novel
Christmas at Lilac Cottage was created from an idea about an ice carver as that seemed like a very festive job. I wanted Penny to have dreams of having her own family and the one she gets is a million miles away from the one she hopes for, but its infinitely better. Snowflakes on Silver Cove is about two best friends who fall in love, I love stories like that because best friends always know each other so well and the love story is always very sweet. 
4. What was the best Xmas gift you have received?
When i was 5 I was given a puppy called Bob, he was a red setter/border collie cross and he was simply brilliant. He was endlessly patient as I tied bows to his ears and tail. We had him for 16 years and he became a real member of our family
5. What do you think is the most magical part of your book
Both Christmas at Lilac Cottage and Snowflakes on Silver Cove have loads of Christmassy elements, the log fires, snow, roasting marshmallows, reindeer sleigh rides and gorgeously love stories and all those combined make both books magical. Also both books are set in the same town in the same week leading up to Christmas so people who read both books will see the same characters and the same key events

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