Monday 5 October 2015

♥ Sweet Revenge || Feature ♥

An incidental mishap after a lunch break sends Kaitlyn Monroe skidding onto the path of a commanding debonair of a billionaire - Roy Hearst - the heir of Hearst Group. Half swooning from the chance meeting with him, she never expects to bump into the sexy stranger again! Lo and behold! He makes his appearance at the personal shopper store that she works at and makes her conclude he's out to get back at her for colliding into him earlier by reporting on her non-punctuality. Little does she realize that this is just the beginning of a forbidden attraction between the charming playboy and her? Not only does he hire her to be his personal shopper, he even offers her an indecent proposal to play the role of his private social escort whom he can string along to various socialite functions. Can she escape from the clutches of the scheming billionaire, game for a casual cling with his new playmate? Or, is she destined to be treated in a similar fashion as one of his usual conquests after he's gotten tired of her?

Serene McCarthy enjoys reading contemporary women's fiction and historical romances to get some inspiration for her own writings. A true romantic at heart who's residing in New York together with her family, she loves to dream up new heart-warming, spicy romance comedies, coupled with some sensual details to tickle and amuse her readers. In her spare time, she loves to listen to jazz and piano pieces, other than playing the game of Reversi online. As for exercise, badminton tops her list of favorites.



Kaitlyn Monroe walked briskly across the road and hurried on to the store. She raised the coffee cup to her lips again and drained the last drops of coffee into her mouth. She tossed the cup into the bin by the pavement and hurried on. She looked at her wrist watch again. Two-thirty p.m. She was so late in returning to her workplace, and she hoped that no one would notice her long absence from work. She had left one hour earlier for lunch today because her gastric pains were troubling her and making it difficult for her to concentrate on the job. Hence, she’d told Ted - her manager - of her need to purchase some medication to treat her gastric pains, and he’d been kind enough to let her off for an early lunch and run her errands subsequently.

Lunch, in effect, was supposed to last thirty minutes, but she had bumped into an old classmate – Trevor – as they were both standing in line at the diner, and they had ended up eating lunch together. In the midst of chatting, five minutes had become ten, ten minutes had become fifteen, and before she knew it, they had chatted for an hour. How had time flown so quickly? It had not seemed like an hour, it felt like they had just been talking for ten minutes. How could she have lost herself in the conversation?

She rounded the bend and headed in the direction of Patterson Street. What excuse could she give if her superior questioned her about her tardiness? She was a terrible liar, and almost everyone knew that she stuttered when she was telling a lie. She reminded herself to work on correcting that exasperating weakness of hers. Growing up, she had often been taught not to lie, but that really did not pay off at this time and age. Not like it had ever paid off before. Back to deciding what lie to tell. Oh, perhaps, she could just tell Ted that she’d gotten diarrhea from what she had eaten, yet it would mean ruining the reputation and business of the diner she had gone to. Everyone knew she loved milk so uttering a blatant lie about her lactose intolerance causing her diarrhea was clearly not an option. And she sure as well could not lie that she had met with an accident. Her legs were still intact and so was her face. Shucks! I’d just have to play it cool and stay quiet throughout the entire dressing-down from my superior. She prayed it would end at that. She could not afford to lose this job! Not at this point!

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