Wednesday 8 March 2017

Feb Romance Haul

Since i last shared a haul, i have aqquired a few new books - i am steering clear of thrillers for a while at the moment as i am sick to the back teeth of waking with nightmares from the twisted gripping books i am loving, so i think its time i went back to my comfort for a little while and dived into some romance! (perhaps there is a few exceptions within this haul!)

So lets chat about the books i have picked up

Caraval - This has been doing the rounds and i ordered the night circus, and i know i shouldn't compare the two but thats the reason i picked it up. That, and it was only £5 for the hardback on amazon, and look how pretty it is!

Paris for one & other stories - I love jo jo moyes, so when i spied this on netgalley after reading lovely reviews, i thought it would be the perfect book to dip in and out of, because getting through a full book at the moment is proving hard.

Mary Poser - I hadnt heard of this book but i got an invite to request it on netgalley and it looked right up my street, something a bit lighter than my heavier thrillers.

There's Something About Cornwall -  Oh we all know how i love a beach side read, and this ticks all the boxes for me, so of course this was a must read!

You dont know me - This sounds completely different to anything else i have read in a while, and i recall reading a really good review that just swayed me to go out of my comfort zone and request it.

Everything for her -  I havent read any Alexa Riley (bad reader i know!) but with the hype about her first full length book out and all the glowing reviews, i was going to snap this straight up off of amazon.

So thats it for now - have you read any of these?

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