Wednesday 15 March 2017

Q&A with Diane Jeffrey

Sometimes you just click with an author, and this was the case with Diane, she is just so lovely, welcoming and listens to everything i have to say - be it about her book, or you know my life. I wanted to take this oppurtunity to thank her for dropping by and stopping in for a quick Q&A

Welcome to afternoonbookery, can i get you a drink? Tea, Coffee?
I'd love a cup of tea, please!
Brill - i'll pop the kettle on now.

So, thanks for stopping by i just fancied a bit of a chit chat, so tell me a bit about yourself?
My name is Diane Jeffrey. I grew up in North Devon, but I have lived in France for over 20 years now. I teach English in a school in Lyon. I am married with 3 children aged 13, 10 and 9 and we have a dog and a cat.
How lovely.

Those who lie is your debut and it's brilliant! I flew through it (less than four hours!) - how does it feel now that is out in the world?
Thank you. It feels really good. I still can't quite believe that people I don't know have bought and read what I've written, and many of them seem to have actually enjoyed it!
 You should enjoy the feeling, its a really great book!

Where did you find the inspiration behind the book because it's so gripping?
I was interested in the Internet and how some people are harassed online. That was originally what I intended for the novel to be about. A friend of mine sent me an article about a man who had been receiving strange messages from his ex-girlfriend on Facebook. The messages were all the more disturbing as she was dead! And this gave me the beginning of my novel.
Emily only realises she has killed her husband Greg on the day of his funeral, but she can't remember crashing the car and doesn't know why the police seem to think it was deliberate. When she gets home from hospital, she receives messages from Greg and wonders if there's any way he could still be alive.
Its a really interesting concept, so its great here how you came to it.

What are your plans with regards to more writing then?
I've started a second book, and the ideas are in place. The main character has even taken up residency in my head, but for the moment I haven't got very far. I wrote Those Who Lie during a year off and I really don't have much free time.
I am excited that you are writing again, and i look forward to hearing more as you get further on the journey.

What are your hobbies in your spare time?
I do a lot of sport - swimming, mainly, and a bit of runnning - and I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I read, obvs, and I walk my dog nearly every day, which she and I both enjoy!
Plenty to keep fit then! Ive only just started running in the last year and i love it.

Do you read thrillers a lot then or do you mix up your genres when leisure reading?
I read mainly thrillers, especially now I've started writing in that genre, but I do have quite wide tastes in reading. I'm not keen on science fiction or post-apocalyptic fiction, but I'll give pretty much anything else a go. Two of the books that have overwhelmed me in recent years are The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed out of the Window and Disappeared by Jonas Jonasson and The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion, neither of which are thrillers.
Oh i did enjoy both of those books myself, something a bit different about them.

Anything else you would like to tell us?
I'd like to say a BIG thank you to you, Em for asking me for this interview.
No problem at all!

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