Monday 17 July 2017

5 Minute Review || The Mills & Boon Girl's Guide To Growing Old Disgracefully

Have you ever:

Treated afternoon tea as an ‘all you can eat’ opportuntity?

Realised you only ever hoover when you are expecting guests?

 Flatly refused to ‘act your age’?

 If so, the Mills & Boon Modern Girl’s Guide to Growing Old Disgracefully is for you: a guide to throwing out the rule book, with a feminist twist


Looking for a gift for the gin drinker in your life? Unsure on a secret Santa gift? (yes i am aware it's July!) Then it's time to share Adas advice once more.

When this landed through my letterbox i was super excited, having previously read a few of these, and gifted a couple to friends and family - i was excited to have a read through this.

It's a short read with only 96 pages but with brilliant pictures and captions - its a laugh out loud read but one that we can all relate too, we are all getting older and some of these situations i can so see happening to me!

If i wanted some life advice on how to grow old disgracefully then this is the advice / tips and anecdotes i would be sharing with my best friends. I am in love with Adas advice, and whilst The modern girls guide to happy hour will remain my favourite this was a close second!

Thanks to Mills & Boon for sending this.



Author Info
Ada Adverse has been married eight times. She is author of over 100 books, all of which she dictates from her bath to her man-secretary, Alan.

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