Sunday 23 July 2017

The Boy In The Park - A J Grayson || Netgalley Review

The Psychological Thriller that everyone is going to be talking about - once you’ve read it, it will haunt you for weeks! 

Dylan goes to the same park every day. He starts to notice a young boy who comes down to the small boating lake and soon realises that all is not right with the child; he seems troubled and unhappy and when bruises start to appear on the boy’s arms, Dylan realises that he has to take action. As Dylan’s obsession with the boy takes hold, he embarks on dark, intense and powerful journey, where nothing is what it seems…


The Boy In The Park gathered my interest with a tag line like "It will haunt you for weeks" I am constantly seeking that thriller that is going to blow all the others out the water. 

Every day Dylan goes to the park on his lunch to write poetry, some days it flows, other days it doesn't. Each day he visits though, he starts to notice a little boy, at the boating lake - the same time, every day. Things are not as they seem though, as bruises begin to appear on the boy - Dylan knows it's time to take action. First - he needs to locate the boy.

This was a thriller that was not as it seemed, it was dark and intense, it was heavy and just left my brain baffled. It covered topics that were more indepth than the usual unrelaible narrator - this was next level. It is hard to review this without giving things away - so i wont.

I did sort of figure out what was happening, which i was shocked by - because i don't usually work things out but it wasn't as simple as i first thought, it goes further and darker than i anticpated. This was a tale that i would reccomend reading on a dark night, because it's just got that eiree vibe about it.


Author Info

A J Grayson, author of the runaway THE BOY IN THE PARK, drinks extraordinary amounts of coffee and likes to write on an old Corona Standard typewriter (though is enough of a technical enthusiast to buy whatever Apple dangles from its latest stick). Time not spent writing books is spent reading them, and wandering through the strange, dark psychological places where stories are born. Please be in touch with AJ Grayson on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram @GraysonForReal.

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