Tuesday 7 August 2018

Bad Blog Tour

Alvie Knightly is back . . . and she's hungover.

 When Alvie discovers that her hit man boyfriend has driven off with the Lamborghini and two million euros, she does what any heartbroken, deserted, amateur assassin would do - she drinks everything in the mini-bar and trashes her hotel room. And then she gets to work.

A perilous cat-and-mouse game takes the pair across Rome, leaving a trail of collateral damage in their wake. But as she wholeheartedly embraces her dark side Alvie will have to figure out if Nino is her nemesis . . . or the only man bad enough to handle her.


I read Mad not that long ago for a blog tour so when Bad arrived it was a given that i would delve straight in. After a slight blog tour confusion, my review is now here. Bad is the second book in the trilogy and is just as full of sex drama and adventure as the first one.

Alvie is back, her sister is dead, her boyfriend has taken off with millions and left her with nothing, not even knickers. However, Alvie is badass and she is not going to let him get away with that, no way. She is after revenge. So - she sets off across Rome to find him and kill him. However, they say love and hate are a very thin line.

This had me laughing out loud, Alvie is non apologetic, she is what she is, she loves drama, sex and as she has just discovered murder. This was fast paced as the first read and you actually cannot believe just how much has happened in such a short space of time, but it did.

This is totally a fantastic pool side read where you can get lost in it, its not too heavy, its a bit steamy and a great read.

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