Friday 14 September 2018

September Book Haul - Thriillers & Romance

It has been a short while since i posted anything on my little old blog. I also had a bit of a reading break and didn't even really snap up that many books, but the last week or so i charged my kindle back up - ventured on a holiday and delved into some reading. So - i guess it is time for a book haul of what i have picked up.

In this twisty psychological thriller from the New York Times bestselling author of The Girl Before, an actress plays both sides of a murder investigation.
A struggling actor, a Brit in America without a green card, Claire needs work and money to survive. Then she gets both. But nothing like she expected.
Claire agrees to become a decoy for a firm of divorce lawyers. Hired to entrap straying husbands, she must catch them on tape with their seductive propositions. The rules? Never hit on the mark directly. Make it clear you’re available, but he has to proposition you, not the other way around. The firm is after evidence, not coercion. The innocent have nothing to hide.
Then the game changes.
When the wife of one of Claire’s targets is violently murdered, the cops are sure the husband is to blame. Desperate to catch him before he kills again, they enlist Claire to lure him into a confession.
Claire can do this. She’s brilliant at assuming a voice and an identity. For a woman who’s mastered the art of manipulation, how difficult could it be to tempt a killer into a trap? But who is the decoy . . . and who is the prey?
So, this was a book i spotted on instagram and then i saw it on booktube and twitter. I have pretty much been after it ever since, it has such great reviews. When i spotted it in Tesco for only 7 pound in hardback it was a given and i cannot wait to start this.

Spine-tingling, chilling, and utterly compulsive, YOU LET ME IN is the stunning new novel from Richard & Judy Book Club author, Lucy Clarke
Nothing has felt right since Elle rented out her house . . .
There’s a new coldness. A shift in the atmosphere. The prickling feeling that someone is watching her every move from the shadows.
Maybe it’s all in Elle’s mind? She’s a writer – her imagination, after all, is her strength. And yet every threat seems personal. As if someone has discovered the secrets that keep her awake at night.
As fear and paranoia close in, Elle’s own home becomes a prison. Someone is unlocking her past – and she’s given them the key…

I stumbled upon this on netgalley i think i was sent a promo email about this and knew this was going to be gripping. I have already started this and i am about 40% of the way through and i am certainly gripped. There is something very creepy about this.

One stolen baby. Two desperate strangers. One night of terror.
The USA Today and Sunday Times top ten bestselling author returns with a dark and twisty psychological thriller.
She saved your life.
When Nina almost dies during a disastrous blind date, her life is saved by a waitress called Angel. But later that evening, Nina is surprised by a knock on the door. It’s Angel – and she’s pointing a gun at her.
Now she’ll make you pay.
Minutes later, Angel’s younger brother Lucas turns up, covered in blood shielding a stolen newborn baby in his arms. Nina is about to endure the longest night of her life – a night that will be filled with terror and lead her to take risks she would never have believed herself capable of…

This again was another netgalley email, they keep on sending me wonderous books that i need to request and luckily enough i got approved. This one also looked like a full on gripping thriller, and i am currently seeking something that is unputdownable.

After splitting up with her cheating ex-husband, Ruby Brown is ready for a change. She's single again for the first time in years and she's going to dive into this brave new world with a smile on her face and a spring in her step. The last thing she's looking for is another serious relationship.

Mason Soames represents everything Ruby wants right now: he's charming, handsome, and perfect for some no-strings-attached fun, and yet Ruby can't help feel that something is missing. Joe Edwards, on the other hand, is also lovely and handsome but he comes with the sort of baggage Ruby wants to avoid: an annoyingly attractive ex-wife and two teenage children.

Ruby soon has some very tough decisions to make. Is she ready for a relationship of any kind, and what type of life does she really want? Because while Ruby may think she knows what she wants, is that what she needs to be truly happy?

When you dont really know what to read then a good old romance by an old favourite author is always a good idea. This was only 99p a the time i picked it up and i had seen it on twitter a few times beforehand. I think this will be a good old easy chic lit to fit right into when i am all thrillered out.

You thought you knew what happened to your son. You were wrong.
Three years ago, Zoe's fourteen-year-old son Ethan was found drowned in a river by their home, along with his best friend Josh. With no witnesses, the police rule their deaths a tragic accident.
Heartbroken by the loss of her child, Zoe and her husband Jake, along with their older son Harley, move away to try and rebuild their lives. They are just beginning to get back to some kind of normality, when, out of the blue, Zoe receives an anonymous email.
The message tells Zoe the police are wrong about how her son died, and what kind of mother would she be if she let things lie?
Shaken by the message, Zoe’s world is turned upside down as she starts an obsessive hunt for the truth behind what really happened to her son and his friend. But why is Josh’s mother Roberta so determined not to believe her? And will the truth she uncovers bring her peace – or tear her life apart?
An absolutely unputdownable psychological thriller about a mother’s desperate search for the truth. Fans of The Girl on the Train, and Gone Girl will be hooked from the very first page

Havng worked my way through all of Kathryn Croft books that i have ever come across when i spied this one i was straight away excited. I love her bookss and they grip from the very first page so i can imagine this is no exception.

He’s been a bad, bad rake—and it takes a governess to teach him a lesson

The accidental governess.
After her livelihood slips through her fingers, Alexandra Mountbatten takes on an impossible post: transforming a pair of wild orphans into proper young ladies. However, the girls don’t need discipline. They need a loving home. Try telling that to their guardian, Chase Reynaud: duke’s heir in the streets and devil in the sheets. The ladies of London have tried—and failed—to make him settle down. Somehow, Alexandra must reach his heart... without risking her own.
The infamous rake.
Like any self-respecting libertine, Chase lives by one rule: no attachments. When a stubborn little governess tries to reform him, he decides to give her an education—in pleasure. That should prove he can’t be tamed. But Alexandra is more than he bargained for: clever, perceptive, passionate. She refuses to see him as a lost cause. Soon the walls around Chase’s heart are crumbling... and he’s in danger of falling, hard.

Having loved Girl meets Duke this was an exciting review oppurtunity, however it did arrive a while ago and i have only just managed to get it. Yet i think i will love this one too. As i really enjoyed Tessas writing the first time round for me.

So that is some of the reads i have picked up and will be focusing on in the coming days/weeks ect. Hopefully i can get back to sharing my thoughts in review for you all as well. Thanks for all your paitence to all the readers (if there is any) authors, publishers ect who have given me chances. 

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