Wednesday 18 September 2019

Christmas Every Day - Beth Moran || Boldwood Books Blog Tour

When Jenny inherits her estranged grandmother’s cottage in Sherwood Forest, she has nothing to lose - no money, no job, no friends, no family to speak of, and zero self-respect. Things can only get better...

 Her grumpy, but decidedly handsome new neighbour, Mack, has a habit of bestowing unsolicited good deeds on her. And when Jenny is welcomed into a rather unusual book club, life seems to finally be getting more interesting. Instead of reading, the members pledge to complete individual challenges before Christmas: from finding new love, learning to bake, to completing a daredevil bucket list.

Jenny can’t resist joining in, and soon a year of friendship and laughter, tears and regrets unfolds in the most unexpected ways.

I loved this quirky light hearted read with its quirky gang of leading characters it had me chuckling away. We meet Jenny - Jenny is making a break from her disastrous life, leaving behind family, her non existent friends and her so secret boyfriend. When she moves into her grandmothers run down cottage, she discovers it has been left to fester and with her hundred pound she sets about sorting out her life.

Jenny is fab! she manages to try and fix up the cottage, find a job and get a gang of friends all with their own crazy bucket list ideas. One of which happens to be track down a famous author. With a few misunderstandings, and tribulations along the way this book is the perfect read to brighten up your day. With mentions of Christmas, delicious home cooked food, we follow the gang over time as life changes around them.

I loved getting to know the characters, discovering them all - this time for once i didnt struggle getting to know them because they were all so clear in their own way i found i could tell them all apart. This was a brilliant read and it was exactly what i needed.

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 Beth Moran is the author of three previous books, including Making Marion. She regularly features on BBC Radio Nottingham and is a trustee of the national women's network Free Range Chicks. She lives on the outskirts of Sherwood Forest.

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