Saturday 7 September 2019

The Teacher At Donegal Bay || Blog Tour

An engaging story of opportunities lost and refound' Express When Jenny McKinstry is offered a new post as the Head of English at her Belfast school she's elated! Yet she can't help but feel conflicted about the position.

 With all those around her mounting the pressure to start a family and her husband's career about to take off, Jenny feels bound by an overwhelming sense of duty. Will she be able to support her husband's ambitions and land her dream job...

 Prepare to be spirited away to rural Ireland in this stunning new saga from Anne Doughty.

I have not read any of Anne's books before but when i was asked if i wanted to be on this tour with very little info, i thought sure! lets give it a shot. I dont mind giving reads out of my comfort zone a go. Whilst at face value it is a very me kind of read - the time frame of the genre is something i dont have too much experience in reading. 

Set in Belfast in 1968 we meet Jenny - she has been offered a new job as the head of english in her school. Whilst she should be over the moon with this offer, she needs time to think it through - we follow Jenny as she makes her decision. 

In society where most people have changed and are alot more accepting, there is a still a range of people with traditional values. Those who believe she should give up work, start a family and support her husband in his career - she has had her career long enough after all. 

Jenny is fiercely independent and a great main character, she is striving to be the best version of herself. I really enjoyed following her - whilst she battled turmoil and worked out what was best for her.

Initially i found this read hard to get into, but once i got a few chapters in i really enjoyed it. I did struggle when some parts were written in an Irish accent. I found myself really concentrating to understand what was been said, and it was just easier to actually read it out loud. 

Overall a really enjoyable read.

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