Monday 16 December 2019

The Afternoon Tea Club - Jane Gilley | Blog Tour

Everyone’s welcome at The Afternoon Tea Club…

 Marjorie, Stacy, Raymond and Dora each hold a different story to their chest – lost loves, abandoned dreams, crippling self-confidence issues, and simply feeling invisible.

 For each of them, the thought of letting those stories out is almost as terrifying as letting strangers in, and that makes for a very lonely life indeed. But when these four strangers who have struggled to “fit in” end up on the same table for an event at their local community centre, little do they know that their lives are about to be entwined and changed forever because of an Afternoon Tea club.

 Cue an unexpected journey of self-discovery, some unlikely new companions, and plenty of tea and biscuits along the way…

Well, we can all see from the title this book was always going to be a bit of me and oh boy this book warmed my soul and had me wanting to weep. Im sure by now we have all seen Terrance on the news discussing loneliness and this book tackled a bunch of people who were feeling lonely and with the invitation to a Afternoon Tea Club the reluctant gang head off to see what is about.

Whilst non were really excited about going - something that started off as a few people meeting for a cup of tea and some cake turns into something bigger for them all.

We follow Marjorie, Stacy, Raymond and Dora - we learn their stories, the troubles they have had in life - and getting their stories out into the word seems daunting but as they discover more about their new friends and themselves relationships bloom.

I cannot express how much i loved this book and how much it made me think about others in the community. It was a delightful read and full of plenty of cups of tea and cake as they start to focus on their new friendships.

A read that makes you think about those who are vulnerable and those who dont seem but may be facing their own issues. Its certainly one to read at this time of year and really does hit the feels.

*Gifted for blog tour*

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