Monday 20 January 2020

Making Wishes at Bay View - Jessica Redland|| Blog Tour

Never give up on a wish for a happy ever after...

 Callie Derbyshire has it all: her dream job as a carer at Bay View, finally she has found the love of her life. Everything is perfect. Well, almost. Ex-partners are insistent on stirring up trouble, and Callie’s favourite resident, Ruby, hasn’t been her usual self. But after discovering the truth about Ruby’s lost love, Callie is determined to give Ruby’s romantic story the happy ending it deserves. After all, it’s never too late to let love in again. Or is it?

 A heartwarming and uplifting novel of finding love and friendship in the least expected places from top 10 bestselling author, Jessica Redland.

*Gifted for blog tour*
Oh boy, this is the sort of book you hunker down under your blanket and devour. With hunky men, meaningful relationships and loveable characters that make your heart hurt - there isnt much too dislike.

Callie only wants her happy ending, and she has tried really hard to convince herself she is getting that with her boyfriend of nearly a year, who makes her swoon and her job where she loves the residents. However from the outside as a reader you see she isnt all that happy. The man is a sleeze and she is constantly getting told off at work. When all this comes to a head, Callie is left still looking for her happy ending.

With the help of some loveable residents - Ruby ; Im looking at you. She surely can find it- cant she? Even if exes are set on getting in the way and relationships are thrown into turmoil. This was a great book, originally published as two novellas Im glad its condensed into one read because it really hooks you in. The characters are great , some are down right awful, some need a bit of guidance and some are just wonderful as they are. This was a great bit of fiction that takes you away from the reality of
your own life for a while whilst you are invested in those at Bay View/ Whitsborough.

One to pick up and indulge in.

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