Tuesday 7 January 2020

The Blossom Twins - Carol Wyer

Their parents thought they were hiding…

 One beautiful summer’s evening, thirteen-year-old twins Ivy and Erin Westmore snuggle down in a tent in their back garden, giggling and sharing secrets. When their mother goes to wake the girls the next morning, their tent is empty.

 The alarm is raised and Detective Natalie Ward is put onto the case. When the twins’ bodies are discovered on nearby marshland, covered with deep pink petals, an icy shiver travels down Natalie’s spine. Everything about the girls’ deaths reminds her of a horrifying case she worked on earlier in her career, which saw a killer of the worst kind placed behind bars.

 The next day, that feeling is heightened when she receives a chilling note saying ‘I’m back’. Is this killer a copycat or did Natalie put the wrong person in prison all those years ago? In a small town, where no stranger goes unnoticed, what is Natalie missing?

 Consumed by the case, determined to prevent more deaths, Natalie misses the fact that it is her attention the killer wants. And to get it, he has his sights set firmly on her precious daughter Leigh…


Oh my gosh! This book is actually unreal! I love Carol Wyer and the Natalie Ward series having read them all and reccomended them to all my family members at every avaliable oppurtunity. This was the best by miles it had me completly shaken to the core so enough on my feelings about this book - what is it about?

Two girls are camping in their back garden, when their parents get up the next morning - they are missing but it seems like they are hiding. However when their bodies are discovered covered in pink petals - Natalie recongises these signs, its a throwback to an earlier case of her career but they arrested the man who confessed - is someone copying him? Or did they get the wrong person all those years ago.When she gets a chilling note simply stating "Im back" she is more convinced than ever that they got the wrong person.

This book was something else, Natalie as ever is a wonderful main character who is trying to battle her own life and keep on top of her career and this is one case that she cannot let get away. Throwning her all into the case is all she can do.

The way this is written is so clever and deceptive that it leaves no room for guessing what is happening or preparing yourself for it.  The time i was reading this i barely got any sleep because i had to stay up to get to the end and find out what was happening and boy - i was a mess by the end.

Totally the best yet - it even snook itself in my top reads of 2019 (i finished this after i had written and prepared the post but there was no way it wasnt going to be included)

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