Monday 2 March 2020

The Silent House - Nell Pattison || Netgalley Review

If someone was in your house, you’d know. Wouldn’t you? But the Hunter family are deaf, and don’t hear a thing when a shocking crime takes place in the middle of the night. Instead, they wake up to their worst nightmare.

The police call Paige Northwood to the scene to interpret for the witnesses. They’re in shock, but Paige senses the Hunters are hiding something.

One by one, people Paige knows from the Deaf community start to fall under suspicion. But who would kill a little girl?

Was it an intruder?

Or was the murderer closer to home?

This mystery will keep you up all night – perfect for fans of The Silent Patient and Cara Hunter


I picked this out of my TBR on a whim and i had seen a bit of hype surrounding this pre release. Oh wow, it was a fantastic read. If someone broke into your house - surely you would know but as the Hunter family are all deaf, chances are they wont hear a thing and when they wake up, one of the children has been brutally murdered.

Paige gets a call to interpret for the witnesses, and despite knowing the family she doesnt own up, but instead starts to believe the police are not doing all they can to find the murderer and she too becomes involved in finding answers.  The deaf community is a small one and Paige starts to suspect everyone. 

As Paige gets more involved the narrative takes alot of twists and turns. It also means, someone is after Paige - they want to stop her searching for answers. I really enjoyed it, when sign language was been used - the author made it clear so we could differentiate. I thought i had this one all figured out from early on but nope,not at all. I found my heart racing at times especially towards the end. 

I would recommend this book over and over, its a thriller with a difference.

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