Friday 31 July 2020

Don't Turn Around - Jessica Barry || Blog Tour

Two strangers, Cait and Rebecca, are driving across America. Rebecca is trying to escape something. Cait doesn’t know what Rebecca has left behind her – she doesn’t ask any questions – her job is solely to transport women to safety. But the secrets Rebecca holds could put them both in danger. Cait too has a past of her own – there’s a reason she chooses to spend time on the road, looking out for others. Because she knows what it’s like to be followed. As the two women travel across America, it quickly becomes clear someone is right behind them, watching their every move. The question is: who, and why?

I was just expecting a stalker style thriller from this, which alone i was excited about but this was so much more! It was a really complex narrative that tackled some really deep and serious issues and i loved it even more for that. Two strangers are about to spend a good chunk of time together. Cait and Rebecca are travelling across America together and everything is about to change.

Cait doesnt know the reasoning behind why Rebecca wants transporting only the end result it will bring and Rebecca doesnt know why Cait picked this to do. Cait has more to it than initially seems after having her own issues, she thinks she can resolve them in this journey with Rebecca. As the pair travel across America, it soon becomes apparent that someone is watching them, but who is it and why? 

What follow is a slightly creepy, tense read. The atmosphere is heavy and draws you in, you feel every emotion along with both Rebecca and Cait. As i got to know the pair over the course of the read, i really felt for both of them. They were deeply complex characters with strong personalities and beliefs.

I just found this really good, it was unexpected and it raised alot of moral questions and for that it took it up a notch. This really is a thriller with a hidden layer and i really think it gives the advantage over others. 

I was gifted an e-arc for review, but this does not impact my review.

Jessica Barry is a pseudonym for an American author who has lived and worked in London for the past fifteen years. Look for Me (previously published as Freefall), her debut thriller, has sold in more than twenty-two territories around the world and has also secured a major Hollywood film deal. For press enquiries 

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