Tuesday 18 August 2020

One Eye Open - Paul Finch Blog Tour


 A high-speed crash leaves a man and woman clinging to life. Neither of them carries ID. Their car has fake number plates. In their luggage: a huge amount of cash. Who are they? What are they hiding? And what were they running from? 
 DS Lynda Hagen, once a brilliant detective, gave it all up to raise her family. But something about this case reignites a spark in her... 
 What begins as an investigation soon becomes an obsession. And it will lead her to a secret so dangerous that soon there will be nowhere left to hide. 

This was soo good! It was a tense, gripping and thrilling police crime thriller that i simply adored. 
The first few chapters i must admit i was unsure, i wasnt sure what was going to happen. We start off discovering a car crash, a car has come off the road, their is two people in the car and they are barely alive. The car has fake plates and neither of the people have I.D, there is something that isn't quite right about this, not one bit. Ds Lynda Hagen certainly thinks so and even though her job is with road traffic incidents - she is adamant there is more to this and it needs investigating futher.

She is focused and working this one out and her passion is soon reignited and she becomes a woman obsessed as she ignores orders and starts to work this one out. She certainly was right and it really isnt all as it seems. Told from different perspectives we initially travel back to the lead up to the car crash and we discover more about those inside the car, but we also discover how Lynda is working it out in the present day, we then ultimately work back towards the crash and then the aftermath.

This was honestly so gripping, like i said - when it first started unfolding i didnt think it was for me but then as it played out i was hooked. Its the sort of thing i would watch on TV. There was lots of drama, secrets and tensions. There was danger and worry around every corner for nearly every single person in the book. I loved getting to know Lynda, i felt for her - she was so passionate in her belief of this case and for the longest time time it felt like no one was listening. She was persistent and it certainly paid off, in some ways at least.

But who can you really trust, because Lynda was soon discovering that as were those involved in the near fatal crash. What a great read.

I was gifted my copy for the blog tour. It has not impacted my review

Paul Finch is an award-winning Sunday Times bestseller. He studied History at Goldsmiths before becoming a cop in the North-West of England and then followed a career in journalism, and screenwriting. He lives in Lancashire, UK, with his wife Cathy and their two four-legged companions, Buck and Buddy.

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