Thursday 6 August 2020

Q&A with Laura Jane Williams || Love Square

She’s single. But it can still be complicated…

Penny Bridge has always been unlucky in love.

So she can’t believe it when she meets a remarkable new man.

Followed by another.

And then another…

And all of them want to date her.

Penny has to choose between three. But are any of them The One?

The bestselling author of Our Stop will have you laughing, crying and cheering Penny on in this funny and feel-good exploration of hope, romance and the trust it takes to finally fall in love. Perfect for fans of Mhairi McFarlane’s If I Never Met You and Beth O’Leary’s The Flatshare.

So today i have a lovely Q&A with Laura Jane Williams author of The Love Square. Last month i reviewed the book as part of the blog tour. I am so excited to sit down and have the chat with her. So on with the questions...

1. What inspired the story?

Thomas Hardy's Far From The Madding Crowd! I loved how his protagonist is financially independent - not to mention headstrong - and so doesn't "need" a man. I wondered how that would look in 2020, so I invented Penny Bridge, a chef who had to move to her uncle's restaurant, and in doing so meets three wonderful men who all want to date her. Of course, this being the modern age she'd be able to have sex without repurcussion, so that makes it even more fun... I've long wondered what it might be like to date more than one man at a time, and with Penny I was able to find out!

2. So we hear a lot of hilarious dating stories initially - are they from experience?

I think my own experiences will always be weaved in, or those of my friends or that I read online. I truly do believe that especially with dating, the best stuff can't be made up. Everyone has a few wild stories that make their pals cringe... and if you tell me yours, I'll probably end up pilfering it that too. 

3. All 3 men are so different, do you have a favourite?

I tried to write three love interests who all had their strengths, and all had some work to do too. Francesco is considerate and really takes his time getting to know Penny, but isn't as impulsive and carefree as Thomas. Thomas is cheeky and adventurous, but not as stable as a grown-up like Priyesh, who is an amazing lover but is really looking for the kind of partner Penny can't really be if she's going to be true to herself. I know which one I'd be attracted to... but I'm not saying for fear of smiting my reputation!

4. Penny is a strong independent woman, who are her role models?

I think Penny is inspired by the strength of her uncle's relationship with his husband, and her sister's relationship with her partner too. Those are good examples to her of how a healthy relationship should look. In an earlier draft she did have posters of Megan Rapinoe and Reese Witherspoon in her kitchen, too, but that detail didn't make the final manuscript.

5. Do you have a favourite part of the book?

I love anything in the kitchen. I really enjoyed researching female chefs and the work they do - kitchens are still so male dominated. I used a lot of cookbooks and dishes from my favourite restaurants in the book, and writing about those sure made me hungry. The pasta YiaYia, for instance, is from a cafe called Lula in Logan Square, Chicago. I ate there after a 90-minute yoga class once, and it felt like the best food I had ever eaten in my life. I needed to immortalise that. 

6. What is your typical writing day like, especially at the moment?

It varies. When I was writing the first draft of my next book there was a lot of procrastinating by walking and watching TV, and then at about 5pm I'd settle down and write until maybe 9pm before going to bed to read. This week it's more admin-based stuff, so I keep typical desk hours for that. I like being able to make my own schedule. I like feeling of freedom in being my own boss.

7. Drink of choice?

I'm literally drinking a chilled new world Sauvignon Blanc as I type this!

8. Whats your next writing plans?

The Love Square comes out August 6th 2020, and once I've celebrated that I'll be returning to the second draft of my next book, due out Summer 2021. I can't say much about it, but let's just say it does involve travel, and I have really enjoyed taking my imagination places that lockdown has prevented me from going to!

Massive thanks to Laura for taking the time to answer these!

 You can get your copy here

Laura Jane Williams was born in 1986 in Derbyshire, England. Her 2019 debut novel Our Stop was an international hit, and she is currently adapting it for screen. Her non-fiction includes Becoming, Ice Cream for Breakfast, and The Life Diet, and she has contributed essays and articles to the Telegraph, the Guardian, Marie Claire, the Independent, Cosmopolitan, as well as to a collection by Stylist Magazine, Life Lessons from Remarkable Women. She was previously a columnist for both Grazia and Red. Her next novel is the hotly-anticipated The Love Square, out in summer 2020.

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