Monday 30 October 2023

The Stepmother - Sally Rigby & Amanda Ashby || Blog Tour


She’ll do anything to protect her family… 
Libby Curtis never wanted children, until she met Nathan, a gorgeous widower with two young children. 
Now ten years later she can’t imagine her life without Sam and Sienna – she’d do anything for her precious kids. 
Anything…. So when a missing teenager is found lying on the side of the road, Libby’s first thoughts are for her own kids. Are they safe? Are they home? What Libby doesn’t expect is for her children to be involved in the girl’s disappearance. But when she discovers an item in her stepson's car linked to the victim Libby’s fears increase. She can't believe that the sweet boy she's raised could do something like that. But if not Sam….who? 
Libby must discover the truth before her family is ripped apart. But someone is determined to make sure their secrets stay hidden - even if the consequences are deadly...

My copy of this was gifted for the blogtour. 

I was so excited to be offered a place on this blog tour as The Stepmother was right up my street in terms of thrillers. I have been in a bit of a reading rut this last month so this was a surefire way for me to pick back up with my reading.

Libby never wanted children, then she met Nathan - a widower but he had two young children. That was the package, and now ten years later she couldn't imagine her life without them. They were her family and she would do anything to protect them. So when she is called to a job at work and a missing teenager is found, her thoughts turn to her own children - but when it becomes apparent that her children might be involved in this. Her mothering instinct takes over. She must protect them, but in the meantime someone wants to expose old secrets with the family.

This was a brilliant read, it was full of twists, turns and truths to be discovered. I really enjoyed the flow of the writing and getting to discover the characters. Libby just wanted to protect her family and at the cost it takes - she will. It went darker than i expected but also absolutely hooked me in.

A fantastic thriller that has so many narratives threaded through that you really need to loose yourself in. Not all is as it seems - even to that very last page.

Amanda Ashby and Sally Rigby are a crime writing partnership. Both authors live in New Zealand, have been friends for eighteen years and agree about everything (except musicals). They decided to collaborate on a psychological thriller which they then entered into a competition, run by Boldwood, and which they won!

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