Thursday 7 February 2019

The Betrayals - Fiona Neill || Netgalley Review


 None of them would forget that week on the wild Norfolk coast. Best friends Rosie and Lisa's families had always been inseparable. But that summer, Lisa had an affair with Rosie's husband Nick. And now, after years of silence, she sends Rosie a letter begging for help.

A letter which exposes dark secrets.

 Daughter Daisy's fragile hold on reality begins to unravel. Teenage son Max blames himself for everything that happened that long hot summer. And Nick must confront his own version of events.

 There are four sides to this story. Who will you believe?


I read The Good Girl by Fiona Neill a few years back and i remember been so excited to having received it to review, so when i requested this i was so excited about it. However, ive just looked and this was released 2 years ago...oops - sometimes i am a rubbish blogger, in fact most of the time haha!

So, anyway. The Betrayals follows two families, families who have been friends for longer than they have been with their partners, they have spent the summers together many times over the year and no one will forget the last week they spent together before it all fell apart.Before Nick moved in with Lisa, before Daisy got ill and before they all had to find a new reality.

We follow the story from different perspectives, from that time and from the present. When Daisy discovers a letter from Lisa to her mum she knows that what she has to say will destroy everything, and Daisy has to protect her mum. Lisa is ill and needs to speak to Rosie but after all this time - why would Rosie even want to speak to her?

We also follow from male perspectives as well, we learn about how Nick is coping and how the situation is affecting him. We also learn about his work and how his knowledge on his subject is relevant to the narrative. We also meet Max who is the youngest in the bunch, he has been massively impacted by his sisters (Daisy) illnesss.

The Betrayal tells of all the events that impacted the family from different points of view and allows you as a reader to decide on the truth, who you actually believe? I found this book gripped me, not in a tense oh my gosh i need to know what is happening - but in a, i am enjoying discovering how this event actually happened. It wasnt the fastest paced read but it was a slow burner of a read that kept me hooked.

I would be very happy to read more from Fiona and i would recommend this to someone who is looking for a light mystery.

Author Info

Fiona Neill is a novelist and journalist. She was born in 1966. Her first novel The Secret Life of a Slummy Mummy, based on her column in The Times Magazine every Saturday, was published in 2007. It was widely acclaimed and went on to become a Sunday Times bestseller that sold in twenty-five countries. 

Brought up in Norfolk, she now lives in London with her husband and three children.

Fiona is presenting a five-part series on BBC Radio 4 called Famous Footsteps, starting on January 12th. Find out more about the series by visiting the BBC Radio 4 website

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