Tuesday 5 February 2019

Too Close - Natalie Daniels || Audiobook Review

For fans of THE GIRLFRIEND and THE WIFE BETWEEN US, TOO CLOSE is a twisting tale of friendship and betrayal.

 How close is too close? Connie and Ness met in the park while their children played. As they talked, they realised they were neighbours. Perhaps it was only natural that they and their families would become entirely inseparable. But when Ness’s marriage ends in a bitter divorce, she is suddenly at Connie’s house all the time.

Connie doesn’t have a moment to herself, no time alone with her husband, not a second to chat to her kids. It’s all too much. Something has to give. Connie has woken up in a psychiatric hospital. They say she committed a terrible crime but she says she can’t remember a thing.


I listened to this on audiobook and this is the first time in years i have listened to one, i have been suffering with not sleeping properly so i decided in those hours where i couldn't i would give this a shot. I hadn't heard of this book but it came up recommended based on my kindle reads, and since i wasnt sure what i wanted to listen to i took a chance on this.

Too Close is a thriller and properly gripping in terms of listening too. Connie and Ness meet at the park where their children are playing, we then meet Connie again in a psychiatric hospital where she has committed a terrible crime but has no recollection of, they tell her she needs to remember, but she cant.

We also meet Emma who is trying to get Connie to remember, and support her through this, but she has alot of her own issues. I loved discovering all the characters and their voices, their issues and how everything has an impact. 

Connie and Ness' friendship was always going to change their lives, but perhaps not in the ways they expected. Their friendship was an intense one and as you discover it you start to make assumptions as a reader to what has actually happened, but with that - nope, the book throws a conversation at you that changes everything that we thought. The characters were both strongly written and we learnt alot about them due to the honest writings, conversations and thoughts we are introduced too.

I enjoyed this, however because it was an audiobook occasionally i did fall into sleep listening (nothing to do with the narrative or the narrator) just the fact i was listening cozy in bed so i did have to rewind it alot to follow the story and i do think i may have missed some key points as i enjoyed it but some parts i couldn't make sense of.

That been said, i liked this book, its the first i have read by the author and as my first forray into audio books i really enjoyed it. 

Author Info

Natalie Daniels is the pseudonym for screenwriter, author and actress Clara Salaman who you may recognise as DS Claire Stanton from The Bill. She lives in London and in Northern Spain.

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  1. I adore a good audio book! This sounds like a fab book, I love the cover. Thanks for sharing a great review! 💜

    With love, Alisha Valerie x | www.alishavalerie.com


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