Wednesday 27 March 2019

The Cactus - Sarah Haywood || Netgalley Review

It's never too late to bloom ... People aren't sure what to make of Susan Green.

Family and colleagues find her prickly and hard to understand - but Susan makes perfect sense to herself. Age 45, she thinks her life is perfect, as long as she avoids her feckless brother, Edward - a safe distance away in Birmingham. She has a London flat which is ideal for one; a job that suits her passion for logic; and a personal arrangement providing cultural and other, more intimate, benefits. Yet suddenly faced with the loss of her mother and, implausibly, with the possibility of becoming a mother herself, Susan's greatest fear is being realised: she is losing control. And things can only get worse ... at least in Susan's eyes.

 This sparkling debut is a breath of fresh air with real heart and a powerful emotional punch. In Susan we find a character as exasperating and delightful as The Rosie Project's Don Tillman.

 An uncompromising feminist and a fierce fighter, it's a joy to watch her bloom.


I was approved on netgalley for this along time ago, and i kind of forgot about it, it was only recently i saw it doing the rounds with people really rating it and i decided to give it ago, after all i really enjoyed the Rosie Project ( i am yet to finish the series now!)

So, we meet Susan Green - she is stuck in her ways apprently or as she prefers is organised and likes her routines. She is quite happy going about her day to day life in her way. However, life has other plans when she not only loses her mother, she also discovers she is about to become one herself. 

Alongside trying to handle a funeral and deal with her brother who she literally cannot deal with makes for a change in her life, one she is not expecting. With secrets hidden and challenges to face we see as Susan begins to bloom.

Honestly this book was really enjoyable, it was a real tale of  coming of age almost at a later age. I felt it was a bit like there was nothing extraordinary going on, not over the tap drama, ridiculous fights - it was more everyday issues that are faced by so many. 

I have been trying to explain it to people and its hard because im like - its a book about life really, women is independent, works hard, gets pregnant, deals with it but its so much more than that as well. Its about strength, feminism and relationships. It was funny and sweet, it was just such a likeable read.  I felt so invested in Susans life and was rooting for her as she battled to deal with all the challenges thrown at her. 

I needed a break from heavy reading and this was just that, it was engaging in a way i carried my kindle everywhere to get reading done but not enough that i felt emotionally drained after i finished. I really would love to know how Susan is getting on now! 

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