Tuesday 23 April 2019

#OWLSreadathon 2019 week 3 wrap up

So as if this is week 3, ive had plenty of book changes compared to my original TBR due to forgetting to mark or review books on my netgalley - that will teach me to become a better blogger. So, luckily i had other options that i could swap in to keep me on track for passing my OWLS.

Day 15
So, i have been reading some books again that were not on the readathon but non the less. I finished reading Gentleman Sinner by Jodie Ellen Malpas (not for the readthon) but i did continue reading Redemption Point which is my Defence Against The Dark Arts read and made up to 42%.

Day 16
 I finally finished Redemption Point and for it been book two in a series, i really really enjoyed it. It was unexpected,I orginally picked it as i wanted it off my TBR but now im glad i did. I then started my Transfiguration read - i had to pick a new one, as i had planned to read Paper Ghosts (guess who has already read it! oh wait, that is me!) so i started Snap by Belinda Bauer and got to page 82.

Day 17
I started my Herbology read, which i had planned to be Love me, Love me not again which i had already read as well. So, i found another option which i picked was The Flower Girls by Alice Clark-Platts and made up to 14%

Day 18
I finished reading Snap ( i also got sunburnt in the garden on a cloudy day as i sat outside with a cup of tea to finish it) . I also carried on reading The Flower Girls which i got to 24% with. I really enjoyed started the Flower Girls and found myself picking it up whenever i had a spare moment.

Day 19
I continuted on with The Flower Girls and made that up to 63% As its on kindle it shows percentage so i cant always figure out how many pages i have read.

Day 20 & 21
On Day 20 - i got it up to 77% on the flower girls, but by day 21 i finished The Flower Girls.
So this week, i finished 4 books. The flower girls, Snap, Redememption Point & Gentleman Sinner. So, this week was totally better than last week.

Ive got 3 more exams to pass, so fingers crossed i can do this!

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