Tuesday 16 April 2019

Week 2 #OWLsreadathon2019 wrapup

So, Week 2 was less productive of the #OWLsreadathon2019
I didn't read all too much, i was too busy recovering from running a marathon and eating literally everything in site. Then i also remembered i had other book commitments, so ill let you see what i read, regardless of whether i actually read it or not.

Day 8 
I restarted the week off well and continued on with reading Redemption point, i am really starting to enjoy this despite it been a sequel, ive got past that and i think it can be well enough enjoyed on its own. I made it up to 16%

Day 9 & 10
Zilch - i think at this point i was still too busy eating pizza, catching up with my running friends and drinking all the gin, by the time i was getting into bed i was just too tired to actually read some. So these days passed in a blur of nothing

Day 11
I managed a bit of quiet time reading again, not too much and when i dived back in i seemed to be again enjoying it. I made it up to 36%

Day 12 & 13
Back to my non reading, nothing got read in these 2 days, i had just started running again, and that was taking up my time, some gentle jogs, plenty of food and rest. Usually, when i am relaxing i read but this wasnt the case this week

Day 14
I started to read, but i read a book not for the readathon nor could i tie it in any which way but i started and finished Villa Limoncella and the review is now on my blog, but this alone was the kick start i needed to get reading again, so i hope next week that this post is a bit more substantial.

How are you getting on?

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