Friday 17 April 2020

Mine - J.L. Butler Review || Netgalley Review

Francine Day is a high-flying lawyer about to apply for silk, ambitious and brilliant. She just needs one headline grabbing client to seal her place as Queen's Counsel … Martin Joy.

 The attraction is instant. Obsessive. They embark on a secret affair and Francine thinks she can hold it together. But then Martin's wife, Donna, goes missing. And Martin is the prime suspect. As the case unravels so does Francine, because the last person to see Donna Joy alive, was her.

 My client. My lover. My husband. My obsession.

This was a spur of the moment pick when my original readathon book choice turned out to be one i had read already, whilst i originally requested this on netgalley. After the initial spark of excitement its one i dont recall much about. Reading the synopsis though it certainly re-piqued my interest in it and i delved in.
Francine Day is our leading lady, she is smart, high flying lawyer with positive career prospects and ready to finally apply for Silk. She is focused and driven so when she meets Martin as he visits her to help with his divorce she didnt expect to feel how she did in that moment. However it was fleeting and Francine knows better than that.
When she bumps into Martin outside of work and he suggests a drink she cant help herself, something about Martin is drawing her in. She is like a woman obsessed from that first moment. She knows she shouldnt be in a relationship but its not the end of the world, that is until Martins wife goes missing and the last person to see her was Donna. 
This was a tense drama filled read and at one point the tension was so high i had to put it down (mainly because it was 2am and i knew my anxiety would stop me sleeping more!) For the most part i really enjoyed discovering what was happening. 
There was a few minor issues for me, but this is down to my reading tastes. I found it hard to believe how much Martin impacted Francine, someone who is so strong and bright behaving the way she was - a woman obsessed (although the author does give some explanation to it, it just wasnt working for me - like i said though, this is down to my tastes) I also found the time frame of the book wasnt ever really mentioned that much or i didnt notice so in relation to everything happening i wasnt ever that sure how long it was over or when certain things happened but i often read quickly so it may be just something i skipped over in favour of the drama.
I did like the way it panned out though and the way it was written was in such a way i found myself picking the book up every spare minute i had (which is clearly alot lately with lockdown haha!) to squeeze in a little more reading at any given time.The writer was clearly engaging and i really talented. I would be happy to read more. You are really kept guessing until the end. I also liked the way you were left feeling that you got everything you needed from the book.

I was gifted an e-arc of this book for review, this has not impacted my thoughts.
If you are interested you can pick this up from Amazon here

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