Wednesday 1 April 2020

All In Her Head - Nikki Smith || Blog Tour

Alison is more alone than she's ever been.

 She is convinced that her ex-husband Jack is following her. She is certain she recognises the strange woman who keeps approaching her in the canteen.

 She knows she has a good reason to be afraid.
She just can't remember why.

 Then the mention of one name turns her life upside down. Alison feels like she's losing her mind . . . but it could just lead her to the truth.


Wow, this was a book i didnt see coming at all. It was epic! It was so good, written so well that as a reader i felt so tense as i turned each page, but gripped that i had to keep reading.

Alison is certain her ex husband is following her, she needs to be away from him, she tries to ground herself. She knows the women who keeps trying to befriend her in the canteen but cant place her and she slowly feels like is loosing her mind.

When she discovers another name - her whole world changes as she tries to figure out what is actually happening. We follow the story in parts as it takes place in the present and before both from Alisons POV and Jack (the husband) as we follow the narrative.

Honestly this book was so good, it was a thriller but so much more. Like i said it was so unexpected. I loved the pacing because before i even knew it i was flying through the book itself. One to check out, whilst the subject is quite a heavy one and i imagine could be slightly triggering to some? I enjoyed the way it was handled overall.

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About the author
Nikki studied English Literature at University before pursuing a career in finance. She always had a passion for writing and in 2017 she applied for a Curtis Brown Creative writing course. Later that year she had a short story published and submitted the opening chapters of her novel to a competition where she won the opportunity to be mentored by the author Amanda Reynolds, and the rest was history.

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