Saturday 4 April 2020

Family For Beginners - Sarah Morgan || Blog Tour

‘Beautifully captures the emotions and intricacies of life and relationships’ Jenny Oliver, author of The House We Called Home

 Who says you can’t choose your family? When Flora falls in love with Jack, suddenly she’s not only handling a very cranky teenager, but she’s also living in the shadow of Jack’s perfect, immortalised wife, Becca.

Every summer, Becca and Jack would holiday with Becca’s oldest friends and Jack wants to continue the tradition, so now Flora must face a summer trying to live up to Becca’s memory, with not only Jack’s daughter looking on, but with Becca’s best friends judging her every move…

 The more Flora tries to impress everyone, the more things go horribly wrong…but as the summer unfolds, Flora begins pushing her own boundaries, and finding herself in a way that she never thought she needed to.

 And she soon learns that families come in all shapes and sizes.


We all know i am the biggest Sarah Morgan fan, having read all her books to date and i am yet to find one i am unhappy with. The reading experience is always such a pleasure.

Family for beginners is wonderful story of love, friendship and blended family's. Flora has always been alone never experiencing a deep friendship, family relationships were strained after she lost her mother at 8 and a father that wasn't around.

Jack has had a family that people from the outside would envy, a perfect wife, two wonderful girls and a pristine home but not all is as it seems, and when Jack finds himself a widow - everything suddenly changes.

When Flora and Jack meet - there is chemistry, but can either be happy? I absolutely adored it. It really dealt with a range of conflicting emotions between everyone not only in the family but in the outer friendship circle.

Flora just wants to fit in and be liked and if that means changing who she is then so be it. Alas, things start to go wrong. Flora is a wonderful character - she is vibrant, friendly, kind and caring. She worries about those around her and her love is endless for someone who has limited experience in their life.

Jack knows his daughters are coping, they are strong and he is on his on way to healing. I feel like Jack was wonderful and whilst he sometimes stumbled through things, his best intentions were always there. With such wonderful main characters - you wouldn't expect all too much drama would you but like all good books, there was plenty of things going on and secrets that needed to be shared.

A Sarah Morgan book is like reuniting with an old friend though, you know you are going to enjoy it and discovering the characters but know there will be enough to keep the pages turning. Its always so well written and everything has real depth and body to it.

*Gifted for blog tour*

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