Wednesday 8 April 2020

#OWLsreadthon 2020 - Week 1

So, week one is down & ive started off really well. Like i mentioned this readathon would also allow for me to get blog reviews and books read that i had already committed too. Click below to see how my week has been

Day 1

Day one, i started Q - something i wouldn't usually read but i am excited to visit something more dystopian. I haven't read anything slightly like this since the hunger games. So i started this and read 10% of the book on the first evening. I found i had to really concentrate on the book as i feel like everything was relevant but so far, so good.

Day 2

Made it up to 17% was i was aiming for 20% but that didn't happen, not that i had much else on haha!
But on a serious note i was reading a book for review so i ended up reading a good chunk of that ready for the blog tour instead.

Day 3

I flew through to 47% i am really enjoying it now that i have understood it, its tense gripping and something you could see happening in modern society. It really had elements of Black Mirror. I found myself wanting to pick the book up every spare moment i had.

Day 4
made it until 93% then video called my Bestie for hours and by the time i was done my eyes hurt and i couldn't finish anymore of it. I really did think i would of finished this today but my eyes just hurt so much, and my brain was fried. I knew the end would be worth it so it was better to wait until it got the attention it deserved.

Day 5
Finished Q - i then had a review book to read and i picked up Preacher Man off of kindle unlimited after seeing it allover booktube. It wasn't part of the readathon but i just needed something a bit different. I really enjoyed Q and i have a full review coming in the next few weeks closer to the release date.

Day 6
Started Unexpected Lessons in love which is my second read for the readathon, i maybe read 3% and called it. I started a book ready for a review that is upcoming in a week or so because my reading is so all over the place at the moment i thought i best get ahead.

Day 7
I cracked on with Unexpected Lessons in Love out in the sunshine, it was gentle reading and i am a fan of the author anyway so this was nice to actually start getting into the meat of the story. Whilst i am still not sure how it will pan out i am looking forward to discovering how.

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