Tuesday 7 April 2020

Meet Me at Pebble Beach - Bella Osborne || Blog Tour

This is the first part in a brand new four-part serial from Bella Osborne. 

 When Regan’s lottery numbers unexpectedly come up on a rollover, she can’t believe her luck. Having spent the past few years coasting along in the slow lane of life, this is the break she’s been waiting for – and she wastes no time in making some big life decisions.

 But Regan’s plans for a life of sipping cocktails on her own private island come crashing down when she discovers that the winning ticket was a bad prank – and she’s now jobless, boyfriendless, and homeless to boot.

 When the going gets tough, can Regan stay afloat?


Its been a while since i read a book in parts and its not something that always works but let me tell you, this one did.

Its enough to keep you turning the page and wanting the next part but not too much that you find yourself bored.

Regan works just enough to get by, but one day - her whole life changes when she wins the lottery, and not just ten pound - a life changing amount. So with that, she dumps her boyfriend, jacks in her and plans her trip to her own private island. Then she finds out, it was all a prank, but its too late. Her life forever more changed.

Regan now faces a completely different life, can she stay float? Firstly, i enjoyed Regan as a character for the most part, she was strong willed, likeable and certainly had a good sense of humour (most of the time) There was certainly flaws i found with her, i think maybe she didn't treat life too serious, but i suppose that comes with the job she was in and the company she was surrounded by. As im pretty sure i wouldn't be as drastic as Regan was.

That been said, maybe it was for the best and i loved the narrative after as she comes to terms with what has happened and maybe this could all be a fresh start for her. I certainly think she was better off without her boyfriend. I loved the writing style as i mentioned it was enough to keep my interest peaked, the drama was there and it meant the story got straight to the point pretty early on.

Overall, i enjoyed this and i am very much looking forward to Part two to follow on with this and discover how Regan is coping at this time. I rated this 3* and look forward for more to come!

*Gifted for the blog tour*

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