Sunday 19 April 2020

Book Unhaul Part 1

I mean it when i say i have alot of books. I have bought many, been gifted them for review, from friends and family, collected from charity shops. I just have an insane amount. Whilst we are all in lockdown i decided to consider which ones i no longer needed and will be taking to charity shops once we can. So this is part one, there is several more to come.

1. Girl Online
This was picked up on the back of the hype of the release, i was a fan of Zoe on youtube and when i saw this i wanted to support her. However, forgetting i am not a reader of young adult and this probably really wouldnt suit me. I have never once picked it up or even attempted to read it and i bought this when it was released. I am sure someone will love it more than me.

2. The Midnight Palace
I can literally remember buying this, i had some Christmas money and the bookshop had the 3 for 2 on i think and this was an extra. I recognised the author and thought this would be brilliant. I mean it was around the time i bought London Olympics on dvd so thats how long back it was. I have never really glanced at it, and re reading the synopsis now - it doesnt really appeal to me. I know a few people did enjoy it but not for me. It will be passed on to a charity shop where a new owner can find it.

3. Hurting Distance
I have read several Sophie Hannah books and the narrative always intrigues me and its the sort of thing that i really enjoy but every time i read them, they just dont pan out for me. This is another one that sounds good but i feel like it wont live up to similar books - therefore i have never found myself reaching for it. I think this could really be popular with the market for thrillers so high, but its just not one for me.

4. Virgin
I read this a while ago and it was a 4* read, only getting rid because i have two copies. Not sure how or why i ended up with two but i did and i mean - whilst it was an enjoyable book, i really dont need two. I only have the same book more than once if its special and in different editions.

5. When Breath Becomes Air
I have heard beautiful things about this but also that is heartbreaking and just emotionally at the moment it is not something i can cope with. My brother gave me this book i think and urged me to read it but it just sat on my shelves and now i know i am not in a place that will tolerate it so for now its going. If i want to read it in the future i will just pick it back up.

6. Lobsters
I wanted this book for the longest time, every time i saw it in a bookshop i was like obsessed with the thought of getting it. However, again aimed at more of a young adult audience i really dont know why i wanted it so much. Ive never read it, and dont plan on it because i feel like it will be too cringey for me.

7. The Martian
This is one i seriously struggled with whether to keep or not, i mean even now im still not 100%. It sounds so good, and i haven't seen the film but i mean i love lost at space films. However i just haven't picked it up and it seems daft to keep it when i look at my current TBR i cant see a place for this, maybe ill get it on kindle at some point.

8.The Ice-Cream Makers
I cannot remember if i have read this or not, but whilst it sounds like something i would like, if i have read it - i cant remember it and it means i no longer need it and if i havent read it its time it went. It just doesnt look or seem gripping enough whilst although it seems nice.

9.The Last Days of Rabbit  Hayes
I read this and it was emotionally draining at the end. I really enjoyed this book but i cannot see myself re reading it and i have no one immediate who would be interested in it. I really think it is a book everyone should read but i find with things like this i dont revisit.

So that is my first 9 books i am unhauling in this series. 
I hope it gave an insight into why i no longer wanted or needed them on my shelves.

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  1. Unhauling books is always a pain. I always keep finding reasons to keep them :P


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