Monday 15 July 2019

The Garden On Holly Street || Blog Tour

Sometimes you have to dig a little deeper to get the life you want . . . 

 Abby Hamilton's world has turned upside down in a matter of months - it seems that change is definitely in the air. But moving into Willow Court might just be the fresh start and happy distraction she needed. Meeting her intriguing new neighbours helps push Abby out of her comfort zone.

Then she finds an overgrown patch of garden in desperate need of love and time - something Abby has in spades! Throwing herself into bringing the garden back to life, Abby discovers that new beginnings can come from the most surprising places...

 An uplifting, feel-good novel, perfect for fans of Holly Hepburn, Heidi Swain and Isabelle Broom.

Abby Hamiltons life has turned upside down and we come to meet her as she moves into her own new flat ready for her new beginning after discovering a very descriptive text on her ex's phone and loosing her job, she decides a new start is the only option. Moving into a little flat in Willow Court she hopes this could be the future she deserves.
She soon discovers the overgrown patch of garden when she is tempted to take back up smoking, after a few cross words with a neighbour - Abby feels that maybe this place isnt for her after all.

However, as time passes by she discovers not everyone is as they seem, and turns out gardening can be quite therapeutic. Surely fixing the garden can bring the community back together? She didn't expect another argument about it with her grouchy elderly neighbour.

The Garden on Holly Street is delightful, i had smiles and heartache, at times my eyes were welling up with love and emotion for these characters. I loved spending time getting to know them. I adored them all, all flawed in places, all well built and created that made them realistic, they are the sort of people you come across in day to day life. This was a perfect pick me up, it made me want to visit little village pubs, have picnics, get my gardening gloves on and create something for the community.

I would so recommend this and suggest you spend time getting to know all these delightful characters, for they are not as they seem and all now hold a special place in my heart.
I rated this 4/5 and was gifted it for review.

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