Thursday 7 November 2019

#No Filter - Maxine Morrey || Blog Tour

In an Instagram world, can you find love just by being yourself… 

 Popular lifestyle blogger, Libby Cartwright, is being boggled by business when help shows up in the shape of gorgeous but shy, Charlie Richmond. Libby’s determined to keep it at ‘just good friends’ – she’s dated someone from ‘Corporate Land’ before and it didn’t end well.

As she and Charlie begin spending more time together, Libby is starting to waver – until she discovers something which makes her question if she’s ready for love. Still reeling, she suffers another blow as her blog is attacked in a national newspaper, for promoting unachievable perfection. Libby knows it’s not true – but the only way to prove that is to strip off the armour she’s been wearing for years.
 Is she brave enough to show the world she’s far from perfect? And will Charlie be by her side if she does…

 A gloriously funny, wise, heart-warming and romantic read for all fans of Lindsey Kelk and Mhairi Macfarlane, from the author of the bestselling Winter’s Fairytale.

Let me start by saying this was a great great book, i have read some of Maxines previous work but this was by far my favourite. We meet Libby - a blogger who shares her perfect life online & her blog is growing and growing. When she realises she doesnt know the first thing about accounts, her best friend arranges for Charlie to come sort it out.

As the friendship grows between the pair, we follow the pair as they spend time together, but also as Libby learns that maybe she doesnt have to be perfect all the time.  Will Charlie stick around for that? For someone less than perfect?

I loved getting to know Libby -she literally was the most wonderful main character. She was dreamy, she spoke without thinking (not in an over the top confident way) in a way that words literally just spill out of her mouth. She is so endearing. Charlie is her polar opposite in all ways - work & life but they say opposites attract. These two complimented each other so well.

The story was a steady pace, and felt so realistic. Like this could actually be happening - it made it so much more relate-able and i think for me that is why i enjoyed it so much. I would love to know what happens to everyone after this story ends. Like a follow on - does Libbys armour stay away? What happens with Charlie?

I would so recommend this

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Maxine’s Bio - Maxine Morrey is a bestselling romantic comedy author with eight books to her name including Winter’s Fairytale and the top ten hit The Christmas Project. She lives in West Sussex. Her first novel for Boldwood, #No Filter, will be published in November 2019.

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