Sunday 10 November 2019

Her Perfect Lies || Blog Tour

The twisty psychological suspense that will keep you guessing…

Claire is beautiful.
Claire is famous.
Claire has a handsome husband and a house to die for.

 But Claire doesn’t know any of that. Claire isn’t even sure who she is…

 When Claire Wright wakes in a hospital, she sees a stranger staring back at her in the mirror. With no memories from before the devastating car accident that left her and her father with life-changing injuries, she must navigate the life of a stranger along with all the mistakes her former self left behind.

 As Claire discovers the person she used to be she must also unravel the mystery that surrounds the accident. But the more Claire uncovers, the more she will be forced to face up to the dark secrets from her life before…

Ever read a book and from the get go realise something just doesnt add up? Something just doesnt make sense. This is what happened with this book, from the very first page i felt eeire and wondered what on earth had actually happened.

We meet Claire who has had an accident and has no memory of her former life at any point, she is in hospital and doesnt even recall the handsome man who says he is her husband.

She must start again and navigate her new life, she is trying to understand what happened in the accident - were where her and her dad travelling too?  When something serious comes to light she really does need to question what has happened that little bit more.

Her Perfect Lies was brilliant, like i said because i realised something was off from the first page i spent the whole time second guessing everyone but still was unable to solve the mystery that was unravelling infront of me.

This was a great thriller and a nice break from all the sweet festive reads as of late, it was deep, dark and had a whole lot of substance - i recommend you spend some time getting to know these characters.

**Gifted for blog tour review**

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