Thursday 18 June 2020

How To Save A Life - S.D. Robertson || Blog Tour

You can’t have a rainbow, without a little rain…

When a stranger saves Luke’s life, he knows he’s been given a second chance. He’s going to make it count – and, determined to live each day to its fullest, he starts by saying yes to everything life has to offer.

Slowly but surely, Luke learns that a little bit of blue-sky thinking can go a long way, and things start to look up.

But when Luke’s new resolve is tested, will he return to his old ways? Or can one fateful moment truly save a life?

A life-affirming story about a man who is given a second chance, perfect for fans of Mike Gayle and Imogen Clark.

Luke isn't exactly the most positive of people, he could be described as miserable, grumpy or even a glass half empty kind of guy, but he gets by - he's had his fare share of trauma in his life and wears it like a badge. One evening during a horrific storm, a stranger saves his life in a moment of her kindness when he was frozen. Luke feels like he has been given another chance at life, why did he survive when someone with such a bright future lost theirs? Vowing to be more positive Luke vows to turn his life around. Its not as easy as it seems.

Luke is really trying, we see him going the extra mile with neighbours, talking more to customers and generally really trying to consider others but when his acts of kindness bring another horrific even to his door - can he continue on this path or will it finally be enough for him?
"Being positive is opening your heart to the world without being afraid of potentially negative outcomes. It's choosing hope rather than fear. It's opting to live i the now, rather than the problems of the past or the fears of the future."
I really really enjoyed this. It was heart warming and heart wrenching in equal measure, it was kind, it was sad and it was honest. It took someone like Luke who was unhappy, miserable and needed a bit of guidance and showed him that some blue sky thinking could change a life. It could make his life better, but only if he is committed to it. I felt Luke was a really complex character and we get to discover everything that has shaped him gradually. It gives the reader such a clear understanding of him.

I felt this book tackled alot of issues and it did it in a beautifully written way from the homeless, to handling grief - it was all dealt with in a sensitive manner. It teaches us as the reader to take a brighter look at life, how a little thing can make a big difference and most of all. It isnt that easy when your struggling but thats okay too.

I really felt like this book took me on an emotional journey and it was a roller coaster ride, i felt emotionally invested in it and i really cared for Luke despite his grisly nature. He was supported by a lovely surrounding cast of characters that had their own issues, problems and situations they were dealing with.

This was a wonderfully delicate read that sometimes made me smile, sometimes made me want to hug it but most of all, it made me consider positivity . Thank you for the e-arc for the blog tour, it hasnt impacted my review.

You can pick up a copy here

Former journalist S.D. Robertson quit his role as a local newspaper editor to pursue a lifelong ambition of becoming a novelist.

An English graduate from the University of Manchester, he’s also worked as a holiday rep, door-to-door salesman, train cleaner, kitchen porter and mobile phone network engineer.

Stuart lives in a village in North West England with his wife and daughter. There’s also his cat, Bernard, who likes to distract him from writing – usually by breaking things.

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