Saturday 20 June 2020

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Jenny Kristal was six years old when she was snatched in broad daylight from her quiet suburban neighbourhood. 

Twelve years later, she miraculously returns home after escaping her kidnappers - but as her parents and older brother welcome her back, the questions begin to mount.

 Where has she been all these years?

Why is she back now?

And is home really the safest place for her . . . or for any of them?

Wow. Well this was a thriller that i didn't see coming.  It kept giving and giving. As a reader, it was a binge worthy, one sitting kind of read - i can tell you that much.

Jenny Kristal was only 6 years old when she was snatched on the way to a play date, after many years of searching, she turned to a cold case. Somehow though, Jenny has escaped her captors - mother and father and made it home. Her parents elated to welcome her home, her brother - not so much.

How - after all this time, did she get away, and why is she now back? What does she want? As a reader you literally have so many questions, about everything. Not one person is as they seem, and it is completely full of unreliable characters and i down right loved it.

It's a book you need to go into with very little information because, that enhances the plot massively, lets just stick with - not all is as it seems.

I really enjoyed the writing style, i felt it was fast paced, thrilling and engaging. I felt like there plenty of time to allow us to discover a bit of back history of Jenny. It was just so full of twists and turns that as a reader, you were taken in one direction and then sent flying back in another only moments later.

The characters were all unique and like i mentioned, not always trust worthy so it made for a really interesting read because you never quite knew what you was going to get. I didn't instantly warm to them, i was wary and i feel like the author has done a fantastic job in creating that feeling.

One you need to pick up, make sure you set some time aside before you read it because you won't be putting it down.

S. K. Barnett is a pseudonym for a New York Times bestselling author whose previous thriller novel Derailed was turned into a major motion picture in 2005 featuring Jennifer Anniston and Clive Owen. He lives in New York State with his family.

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